International Spirit Championship Registration Deposit

Congrats on receiving a Bid to ISC18! On this page you can make a deposit to secure your Bid to the event. Below you will have the opportunity to make a $100 payment that will secure your bid, lock you in to our savings and fund raising for the event, and allow you the perks of being a team in attendance to ISC18. You will need to make a deposit for every team planning on attending the event. This deposit will be deducted from the amount you owe for ISC18. If you have received a Platinum Paid Bid, this deposit will be refunded to you at Coach's Check-In when you arrive at ISC18. We ask that you secure your spot as soon as possible. If you do not secure your place at ISC18 in a timely fashion by making this deposit, the Bid can be handed down to other teams or programs that attended the same qualifying or other qualifying events. contact us at any time at 1-844-ISC-LIVE!

ISC18 Deposit

In order to secure you Bid for ISC18, please place a deposit in your cart for each team you will be bringing to ISC18. Upon checking out, you will be immediately entered into the perks program that will help your gym raise fund for ISC through pre-ticket sales, pre-apparel sales, individual team sponsors and donors, and free hotel rooms for coaches. Remember, this is only a deposit to secure your team's spot at ISC18. The deposit will be deducted from the amount your team owes for ISC18 or refunded in full at Coach's Check In when you arrive at the event.

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