ISC19 will be here before you know it! This is the largest growing end of the year event series in the country located in the Lake Pontchartrain Center in New Orleans on April 27th - 28th, 2019. This event was designed to be the best championship of the year with fun, excitement, rewards, and experiences topping that of all other events! The team of Board Members that drafted the first ISC kept family budgets in mind by making it the most affordable event of its type in the World!

Bids are given at many quality events throughout the country in every division of cheerleading and dance. Teams can receive bids at all partner events that focus on providing positive and educational experiences for their participants. If you would like to find a competition near you providing a bid to this great event, please contact us for the full list.

If you have received a bid, it is important that you accept your bid as quickly as possible, as the ISC has many Team Perks for your program that will help make the event more exciting and offset every cost of the event. If you have gotten a bid, make sure you go to the We Got A Bid page, and get your team started on their journey to the best competition ever!

Below you will find tons of information on the ISC, but feel free to contact us at any time with any questions at 1-844-ISC-LIVE (472-5483) or info@internationalspiritchampionship.com.

Who Can Attend ISC19?

ISC19 is a bid event series with bids given out to high scoring teams at many events throughout the country. Only those teams receiving bids are invited to attend ISC18. If you would like more information on how your team can get a bid, please contact the ISC.

Where and When is ISC19?

ISC19 will be held once again in the amazing Lake Pontchartrain Center in New Orleans on April 27 - 28.

Where Should we Stay or Book Hotel Rooms?

ISC19 has blocked tons of rooms at the guaranteed lowest price possible for those of you that have received ISC19 bids. Contact us for a complete list of hotels offering the lowest possible pricing for our VIP's.

Can We Watch ISC From Home?

Unfortunately the sytems, companies, and programs that used to allow live streams for free have ceased doing so. While our team is in talks with other sources to stream in the future, we will not be allowed to stream ISC19 officially. However, you can follow us on socail media to see all the news and updates from the event, and we invite you to use your own devices to share ISC19 with the WORLD!

How much does it cost to be a spectator?

We are happy to announce that ISC19 will be one of the most affordable end of the year events events for spectators. Spectator passes for ISC cost $25 per day at the event, but we recommend that every parent or spectator purchase their VIP Weekend Pass for $40 on their Team Page. This gives extra benefits, discounts, and gifts to the pass holder and also gives credit to the team and program to save money on this and future events. Only spectators over the age of 3 will be required to have an arm band for the event.

What is the Format of the Competition?

ISC19 is a 2 Day event where every team that gets a bid is guaranteed two performances, one on each day. The final score will be a combination of those two performances.

What can We Win?

More than any other event! Medals, Trophies, Banners, Jackets, Rings, and the ISC19 Backdrop are all up for grabs! It is the BIGGEST BANNER in CHEER and DANCE HISTORY! PLUS, we will be giving tons of free handouts, gifts, and prizes to everyone in attendance.

Is there a Party?

Not only is there a party! There is a HUGE Party with some surprises we just can not tell you about yet, but we can guarantee that ISC19 will be the place to be!