• Huge prizes and rewards including participant gifts, ISC Medallion Necklaces for Champions, Jackets for Grand Champs, and Rings for ISC Champions!
  •   Incentives for coaches including discount or free hotel accommodations. Coaches Gifts. Coach’s reception and coaches VIP Lounge at the ISC.
  • Participant Incentives including the Prize Wheel, Participant Games, Free Pictures and Videos, and The ISC Dance Party!
  • Parent Incentives including reduced pricing off of our very low At Large Price for Bid Winners! Also including great hotel prices and packages with reduced rates for Bid Winners. The location is easy to get to for those that choose to drive or fly. This is a large end of the year event that everyone can afford to attend!
  • Program Incentives include Program Bids for those programs that have multiple teams receiving bids to reduce the costs of attending. The ISC also offers great fundraising packages to offset your team or program’s cost of attending.
  •  Every team receiving a bid and attending the event will have the opportunity to compete in two rounds of the competition.
  • The ISC has a mission of making a great end of the year event that every parent and child leaves feeling great about their sport, their team, and their program. Where every coach and gym owner walks away with a feeling of accomplishment and respect for their hard work. The ISC wants to help you build programs and champions through this great event. We will stop at nothing in order to make that happen!


The International Spirit Championship will Change how You Think about Cheer and Dance.

The International Spirit Championship is re-inventing and improving all aspects of Cheerleading and Dance Team events. The ISC seeks to improve upon every model to bring a unique and One Of A Kind experience to participants, parents, coaches, and program owners. 

Contact the ISC for more info!

How is The International Spirit Championship like other Major Bid Events? We took the best aspects and added more!

  • Paid and Partial Paid Bids as well as Open and At-Large Bids
  • Jackets for Winners
  • Rings for Champions
  • Great Venues with Tons To Do in the area!

Almost everything is different at the International Spirit Championship! The ISC Team had a goal of improving the overall end of the year championship for everyone involved, and we are excited about the details!

  • ISC Medallions for Division Winners
  • Participant Dance Party
  • Participant Giveaways
  • Reduced hotel and travel fees
  • Every Team is guaranteed to compete in Two Rounds of the ISC!